Today's Quote: "OIL is there, where their is an EXPLORATIONIST Mind " ........ by S.K. Patra, former Director Exploration ONGC

 HI... I am SHAHZAD ASHRAF born and brought up in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, India. I am a final year student of Petroleum Engineering & Management (5 year Dual Degree) at the prestigious Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad India.

My first encounter with the world of Petroleum engineering goes way back, when I was 8-10 years old.
At that time an episode of a famous TV series showed the lead actor while digging in his garden accidentally struck an underground oil pipeline (which I know now). My infant mind was bewildered on the thought of such a possibility in my own garden. So I started digging and of course I failed but a wish to drill my own well kept me up a few nights. With time that wish got somewhere buried in my heart.

But who knew the wheel of fate will turn and I will be clearing the prestigious Indian Institute of technology (IIT-JEE) and offered a window to the World of Petroleum Sector. I opted for a dual degree course which will provide me with a firm technical background of Petroleum Engineering along with advanced skills in strategy and management, leveraged by sound knowledge of energy management and an understanding of its importance in social, political, economic, cultural and technological respects to national and international strategy and the ability to apply this knowledge to inform decision-making.

I am a Sky-walker ...
Challenges - fuel my passion to excel
Creativity - My road to an Answer
Question - My first step to a new possibility.
Adventure  -  My daily dose of Adrenaline
Traveling - My Hobie to meet the World

Dynamic Drive

Information Brochure
Petroleum Engineering and Management
(Dual Degree, ISM Dhanbad)


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